Notion boosts user productivity 20-30%, survey shows

Notion user survey results

Notion provides its users with significant increases in productivity, creativity and the confidence to take on complex projects. Those are among the findings of the first annual independent Notion user survey.

The purpose of this survey was to take the pulse of Notion users – to get a sense for how they are using this powerful, flexible application and the benefits they gain from doing so. The results are quite revealing.

  • Want to know what the most popular applications of Notion are?
  • Want to know how many hours a week Notion saves the typical user?
  • Want to know just how much Notion supercharges its users’ productivity and creativity?
  • Want to know how much Notion users believe the application elevates their thinking and planning abilities?

For all the details, download the report using the button below:

Notion user survey results

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