Move: One of Notion’s most under-rated features

Move it in Notion

If you don’t like how your content is organized in Notion, there’s a simple solution for that: MOVE IT! Here’s how.

Notion’s move command is one of the most liberating parts of utilizing this incredibly flexible personal information manager. Why? Because it enables you to quickly capture your ideas and inspiration – without regard for how it’s organized or where it fits in your hierarchy.

Capture now, and figure out where it belongs later.

But I was nervous at first.

When I first started using Notion, I found the concept of creating new content anywhere intimidating. Do I have to figure out where I want something to reside before I create it? What if I make a mistake? Would I be able to move my new content to the “right” place in my dashboard?

I needn’t have worried. A bit of experimentation proved that, indeed, I could move any element, any block, wherever I needed it to go. If the “place“ didn’t appear in the “move” dialog box, I could simply use the search field embedded in it to quickly find that location.

Simple enough!

A bit of advice about Notion

Your Notion workspace will evolve significantly as you build it out. Count on it! During this process, one of your favorite commands will undoubtedly be “move.“ Don’t be afraid of organizing and re-organizing your content in Notion. Get busy!

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