Notion Made Simple: A “must” learning investment for success with this tool

Notion Made Simple e-course

If you’re struggling to understand how to use Notion to get things done, there’s a new solution you need to know about: the new Notion Made Simple e-course from Francesco D’Alessio and DottoTech. It’s the best Notion training you can find anywhere – period.

Your best bet to learn Notion

When you’re trying to learn a powerful, flexible application like Notion, you have a few choices: You can just start using it, and rely on the program’s help file if you get stuck. More often than not, that option isn’t very helpful…

You can watch “how to” videos on YouTube. But those are isolated snapshots that may not cover the functionality you’re struggling to understand.

The smartest and most time-efficient way to become proficient with it is to invest in a comprehensive, well-designed e-course that explains its idiosyncrasies and obscure nuances to you – in a fraction of the time and zero hassle.

Despite my role as the publisher and author of the Notionist blog, my full-time job and multiple side gigs have left me with little time to understand Notion’s many intermediate and advanced capabilities. So I was thrilled when Francesco D’Alessio gave me an opportunity to view his excellent new Notion Made Simple e-course.

The curriculum is well organized and comprehensive. Its logical structure takes a building block approach, starting you out with simple concepts and moving you all the way to full-fledged project management and collaboration.

Here are the modules contained in this course:

  1. Welcome to Notion
  2. Navigating Notion
  3. Using databases
  4. Task management
  5. Note taking
  6. Project management
  7. Sharing and collaboration
  8. Your Notion layout

Notion Made Simple e-course

A convenient, common-sense structure

Each module contains beginner, intermediate and advanced video lessons, plus additional resources. This makes it possible for students with widely different needs to benefit from Notion Made Simple. If you want to focus on Notion basics, you can just watch the beginner lessons.

On the other hand, if you want to go “all in” as I did, then you can watch all three video lessons in order. Each one builds on the one before it, providing students with excellent continuity of learning.

Francesco not only shows you how to do key tasks in Notion, step-by-step, but also shows real-world examples from his own life to inspire you with what’s possible. I really appreciated the fact that the learning management platform this course is hosted on enabled me to view the video lessons on my mobile device. That enabled me to get through Notion Made Simple in a fraction of the time it would have otherwise taken me on my laptop.

Notion Made Simple e-course

If you’ve watched any of his Notion videos on YouTube, then you’re probably already quite familiar with his teaching style, his passion for Notion and the quality of his work. You’ll find all of that in abundance in Notion Made Simple.

Throughout the program, I was surprised and delighted with the insights I learned, including these valuable nuggets:

  • The brain-dead simple way to add reminders and links to any block of content in Notion
  • The brilliant thinking behind Notion’s unique (but initially hard to fathom) approach to tables and databases
  • The best way to add tags to a record
  • How to turn a text block into a toggle block
  • How to add a trail of breadcrumbs within any page – which makes navigating a large collection of information much easier
  • Using the gallery view as a system for organizing your notes

Is Notion Made Simple for you?

If you are brand new to Notion or have reached an impasse and aren’t able to progress any further, you will find Francesco to be an excellent Sherpa to guide you on your way to the top of the Notion mountain.

Not only will he teach you how to use this complex, modular productivity tool effectively, you’ll also be able to use his e-course as a reference as you build your personal and team information stores within this powerful application.

At $179, this e-course is definitely in the premium price range. But I can tell you with great confidence that you WILL get your money’s worth from it. I’m not being paid to say this, nor am I an affiliate for Notion Made Simple. I’m saying this as someone who has worked in the field of training for over 7 years. I have a deep understanding of the principles and best practices of instructional design for adult learning.

Francesco has done a lot of things right in his design and production of this flagship course.

If by some chance you should disagree with my assessment, Notion Made Simple comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. In other words, it represents a no-risk investment. You have nothing to lose and very much to gain!

Learn more about Notion Made Simple here

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