Why your Notion desktop needs a work in process section

notion work in process

Even if you don’t create a kanban board in Notion, creating a work in process (WiP) section on your desktop can help you to be significantly more productive. Here’s how.

One of the key principles of kanban boards is to minimize work in process. This helps reduce bottlenecks and ensures a smooth process flow. When you’re a solopreneur, a work in process list can help you focus on your most important projects.

If you’re like me, you wear a number of hats in your life. In my case, I have a full-time job, plus I run several blogs and have several information products in production at any given time. Each of them gets their own section in my Notion workspace. Navigating to projects I’m working on takes at least a couple of clicks or taps.

The benefits of creating a work in process list

Creating a work in process section on my desktop reduces this to a single click and helps me remember what my key priorities are.

Otherwise, I risk seeing other projects that LOOK attractive. I click or tap to open them and suddenly I’m going “down the rabbit hole” – wasting time playing around with activities that don’t advance my key priorities.

How to add emphasis to your WiP list

To make your work in process list stand out on your Notion desktop, place it within a gallery object. This places a border around it and gives you a place to add a title to it. I picked up this tip from Francesco D’Alessio, who uses a gallery table cell as in “inbox“ for items he’s just added, but hasn’t decided what to do with yet.

The key is that the table structure gives it an extra visual emphasis that naturally draws your eye to it. This list DOES represent your most important projects, so this tactic makes a lot of sense to me.

notion work in process

Get up to speed quickly on your key projects

Here’s another tip to ensure that you are as productive as possible when you click or tap into one of your key projects:

Create a to-do list block at the top of the page. Add items here that remind you what the next step is on it. You can also add a horizontal divider to help visually separate it from the project itself.

Finally, if you find that adding a work in process section doesn’t add any value to your Notion desktop, you can change it. That’s the beauty of having such a flexible interface – your desktop can continually evolve to meet your changing needs – and your growing knowledge of how to get the most out of Notion’s extensive toolset.

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