Notion’s newest features aim to attract Evernote users

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According to an article on and an e-newsletter I received from Notion yesterday, Notion has added two new features that are calculated to lure Evernote users: an Evernote import tool and a web clipper.

Evernote import: How it works

Notion - Evernote importTo use the new Evernote import feature, you simply select the Import button in the left-hand toolbar and select Evernote. The application asks to connect with your Evernote account and then displays a list of your notebooks. You simply place a checkmark in the boxes that correspond to the folders you want to import, and Notion places them within a gallery page – looking comfortably similar to Evernote’s card view.

Web clipper

First, you must download and install the Chrome browser extension for Notion. Once it’s activated, you simply click on the black “N” icon in its toolbar, and tell the extension where it should store the article within your Notion database. It’s the ultimate in simplicity!

The iOS version of the web clipper adds Notion to the list of apps to which you can save web pages within the iPhone’s Safari browser.

The developer says Firefox and Safari web clipper apps for the desktop are coming soon.

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