What is Notion?

What is Notion?

Notion is an all-in-one workspace where you can write, plan, collaborate and get organized.

Its modular structure enables you to create pages and structures to help you manage the people, projects and priorities that fill your workday. Notion is highly flexible, which means you can easily rework your document structure and workspace as needed to meet your evolving needs.

Notion synchronizes your personal database across all of the devices you use, including desktop operating systems, Apple, Android and popular web browsers. This makes it easy to start developing an idea on one platform and then continue to work on it on another – a capability that I love!

Notion is also a capable team collaboration tool, enabling members to share documents, co-edit them, manage shares task lists, chat within the application and much more.

Maximum flexibility, minimal interface

What’s amazing is that Notion accomplishes all of this with a minimalist interface that stays out of your way until you need to get something done. Then, its intuitive command structure springs into action, enabling you to accomplish what you need to, quickly, efficiently – and, above all – intuitively.

One of the things that makes Notion so powerful and flexible is its building block structure. Each element, including single paragraphs, is a “block“ in Notion parlance. Blocks can be placed wherever you need them and moved it will.

Need a short to-do list at the top of an article to remind you what still needs to be done? No problem.

Want to embed an image in the middle of a document? No problem.

Especially for Evernote users

If you’re an Evernote user, I have great news: Notion will help you to get more done and be better organized than you ever dreamed possible.

You’ll come to appreciate the ways in which Notion enables you to arrange the areas of your life and your projects in the ways that make the most sense to you. What’s more, its wiki-like structure keeps them in front of you, rather than losing them in a mountain of unstructured notes.

I say this not as an Evernote critic, but rather as a true believer who has centered his entire blogging life around it. I’ve benefited from its advantages and have been stymied by some of its shortcomings.

Is Notion really that good? Yes, it is.

Does it have a bit of a learning curve? Naturally.

But I can assure you that the time you invest in learning how to use Notion will be richly rewarded.

To be abundantly clear: I’m not getting paid to say this. I just really believe in what this tool has enabled me to accomplish in a relatively short period of time.

This is why Notion is perhaps the most exciting personal information management tool to come along in many years. Like many leading bloggers and industry analysts, I see a lot of potential in it. That’s why I started this blog. I believe Notion can transform the way you work, I think and get things done.

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